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A Message from the Chairman

The growth of the Internet during the last several years has been a phenomenon of staggering dimensions. From a sleepy research tool initially created to protect government and military computer networks in the event of a nuclear attack, the Internet boasted 68 million users by the end of 1997. In fact, traffic on the Internet is doubling every 100 days. This research tool, largely used by scientists and academics in the past, has now become a significant fixture in business and industry, educational institutions, research facilities, government and for individuals.

This unparalleled growth has not come without a cost. Many unsuspecting individuals have been exposed unwillingly to hard-core pornography, business and industry have lost millions of dollars in reduced productivity and degraded and inefficient equipment usage and communications, numerous businesses, institutions, and organizations have been exposed to expensive and time-consuming lawsuits due to sexual harassment and unfavorable work conditions claims.

New challenges demand new solutions. W3Control is committed to building solutions that help manage and maintain Internet productivity solutions. As we approach the new century, I am extremely confident in our ability to meet these challenges and to grow our business, our people and our presence.

Scott A. Saunders

Chairman W3Control

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