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W3Control - Internet Productivity Analysis and Internet Filtering Software

The free flow of data from the Web is creating major problems for many of its users -- problems which are only likely to get worse with time. Business and organizations are very concerned with the impact of recreational cruising on employee productivity and the legal liability of such access. Parents and educators often view the Web with great skepticism and alarm because of the access it provides to material of dubious merit to children. To help reduce unproductive Internet access, W3Control provides Internet usage analysis service and software and enterprise Internet content filtering software.

Internet Productivity Assessment - Usage Analysis
W3Control's consulting service can analyze your company's Internet usage and generate Internet productivity reports.

W3Thermo - Internet Productivity Software
Enterprise software solution that generates Internet productivity reports from proxy server and firewall log data.

W3Filter - Internet Filtering Software
Enterprise Internet filtering software that allows a company to enforce an Internet acceptable use policy.

Notice: Effective January 1, 2003 W3Control ceases all operations other than those required to fulfill existing support contract oblications. Database updates will continue to be available for current customers to fulfill their database subscription requirements.

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