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As a fast and efficient repository for information, the Internet is an educational resource without equal. However, many librarians view Internet access with great skepticism and alarm because it gives easy access to offensive, inappropriate, and dangerous adult material. Allowing access to such material exposes libraries to legal liability, and any organization that cannot show it has made reasonable efforts to curtail access to objectionable material is vulnerable to potential law suits.

W3Control's W3Filter allow libraries to enforce their Internet policies, reduce legal risks, increase productivity, improve the capacity and speed of Internet circuits, meet Federal and State Legislation and avoid discipline problems. W3Thermo analyzes log data producing graphical and tabular productivity reports.

  • Enforce your Internet Policy
    W3Filter enables you to restrict Internet access in accordance with your library's Internet access policy. Using W3Control filter you can easily block access to undesirable or uneducational Internet content such as pornography, hate speech, weapons, drugs, etc. W3Thermo allows you to validate you Internet policy by giving you a thermometer reading of how the Internet is being utilized.
  • Reduce Legal Exposure
    Libraries that provide unrestricted Internet access, are exposed to broad and potentially damaging legal risks. Some libraries are facing charges that they irresponsibly gave children access to indecent material on the Internet. W3Control's
    W3Filter gives you direct control of the kinds of Internet content that are allowed to be accessed. This greatly reduces the risk of a law suit.
  • Increase Productivity
    Keep your institution focused on its mission by ensuring that Internet usage is in keeping with your academic goals and standards. Productivity is negatively impacted by the distraction inherent in unrestricted and unmonitored Internet access. Internet monitoring allows you to optimize the use of the Internet by seeing how it is used.
  • Increase Internet Speed and Capacity
    By eliminating access to undesirable sites with
    W3Filter, network traffic can be greatly reduced, thereby increasing bandwidth availability and speed of access.

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