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FREE Internet Productivity Assessment

W3Control will analyze your company's Internet log data and create an Productivity Overview Report at no charge.

The Productivity Overview Report includes:

Hits, Kbytes and hours of productive, unproductive and neutral web usage.
-Total hits, Kbytes and hours
-Percent hits, Kbytes and hours

Cost of productive, unproductive and neutral web usage.
-Dollar amounts per month, quarter and year.

Time and Cost of Pornography Usage
-Total hours and dollar cost

To receive an Internet Productivity Assessment:

1. Complete the registration form.

2. Read and agree with the terms and conditions.

3. Upload proxy server log data to W3Control. Instructions are provided after submitting information form. Data size is limited to two days and a maximum of 150 MB for free assessment. Larger data sets can be analyzed for a fee.

4. Assessment report delivered to you by e-mail.

Request Assessment

Request Assessment

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