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Internet Productivity Assessment
How does your company use the Internet?

W3Control's Internet Productivity Assessment Service can help you answer these questions and provide a complete profile of your company's Internet use.

W3Control can analyze log files from your company's proxy server or firewall and create a detailed Internet Productivity Report to show you how your Internet resources are being used.

With an Internet Productivity Assessment, you can:

  • Reduce unproductive Internet costs.
  • Improve Internet capacity for business use.
  • Reduce legal liability issues.
  • Improve employee productivity.

Using our W3Thermo software with its database of 1.2 million URLs classified in 60 categories, we analyze URL requests by subject category and determine productivity based on your parameters. The database includes URLs of all topics, not just pornography, violence and other negative sites, to give you a complete assessment of Internet use.
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W3Thermo Full Report

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Download Sample Report

W3Thermo can create a detailed company-wide report, as well as reports on groups and individuals.

Company-Wide Report includes:

  • Overall Summary
  • Category Summary
  • Group Summary
  • Day of Week
  • Day of Month
  • Time of Day
  • Top 50 Productive Sites
  • Top 50 Unproductive Sites
  • Top 50 Neutral Sites
  • Top 50 Productive Users
  • Top 50 Unproductive Users
  • Workstations Accessing Sex Sites
Results are displayed graphically and statistically.

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