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W3Control - Internet Productivity Analysis and Internet Filtering Software

Law Firms Improve Productivity and Reduce Risk with an Employee Internet Productivity Assessment.

The Internet has proven to be very beneficial to law firms. Firms provide their employees with Internet access to enable them to share documents, research topics and communicate with clients. However, along with all the benefits, the Internet introduces new risks to law firms. Many law firm IT Directors and Managing Partners view Internet access with great skepticism and alarm because of the unproductive and inappropriate content available to employees. Many employees abuse their Internet access by spending excessive hours surfing the web at job-hunting, entertainment and shopping sites. In addition, some employees access pornography and other objectionable material that exposes a firm to legal liability for issues such as sexual harrasment.

Internet Productivity Assessment

W3Control offers services to assess the Internet use of your employees.

  • How much time do employees spend on the web?
  • What types of sites do they visit?
  • Do they access sites that could bring risk or embarrassment to your firm?

The assessment gives you the information you need to enforce your Internet Access Policy and to eliminate inappropriate Internet use at your firm.

W3Control's Internet Productivity Assessment will enable you to:

  • Enforce your Internet Policy
    An Internet Productivity Assessment allows you to validate your firm's Internet Access Policy by giving you a information of how the Internet is being utilized by your employees.
  • Reduce Legal Exposure
    When employees access pornography and other objectionable web sites, they create a hostile and sexually discriminating work environment that can lead to law suits. Eliminate this risk by analyzing your employees' web access.
  • Increase Productivity
    Keep your institution focused on its corporate mission by ensuring that employee Internet usage is in keeping with your companies goals and standards. Employee productivity is negatively impacted by the distraction inherent in unrestricted and unmonitored Internet access. Monitoring Internet access allows you to optimize the use of the Internet.
  • Increase Internet Speed and Capacity
    Studies have shown that as much as 50% of the Internet traffic from companies is directed to unproductive sites. By reducing access to these sites, network traffic can be greatly reduced, thereby increasing bandwidth availability and speed of access.

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