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W3Control - Internet Productivity Analysis and Internet Filtering Software

Enterprise Internet filtering software that allows a company to enforce an Internet acceptable use policy. The
W3Control database includes 60 categories (ie. Sex, Hate Speech) which are used to "allow" or "deny" access. In addition to the supplied W3Control database, an unlimited number of user defined databases may be created. Filtering rules can be defined to allow or deny W3Control categories or user defined databases. Rules can always be active or only enforced on specific days of the week and time of day. Users may be grouped to allow further granularity of rules. W3Filter works with most major firewall vendors and proxy servers. W3Filter can also operate as a stand-alone proxy server.

W3Control Filter provides the power and flexibility to enforce Internet policies through filtration to the entire enterprise, workgroups and individual workstations:

  • Filter of HTTP, HTTPS and FTP
  • Over 1,200,000 Internet sites and URLs
  • Every URL categorized through visual inspection
  • W3Control database classifies site in 60 categories
  • User defines categories as productive, unproductive and neutral.
  • Provision for user-defined databases
  • Automated database updates provided daily
  • URL filtration rules based on all sites in a domain, individual sites, IP addresses, entire directory structures and individual pages
  • Override allow and deny database features included
  • File extension filtration (.class, .avi, .au, etc.) provided
  • Filtering rules for specific hours of the day and specific days of the week
  • Allow or Deny personal home pages capability
  • Default access able to be set to allow or deny sites
  • IP addresses Allow or Deny capabilities
  • URL filtration Enable or Disable functioning included
  • Keyword restriction feature for search engine use (Yahoo, AltaVista, etc.) provided
  • Default filtering rules defined for groups of networks and IP addresses
  • Outside-in capability allows access limitations to web sites down to individual pages
  • Web-based administration and on-line documentation included
  • Extended logging stores for each proxy request date, time, HTTP method, protocol, allowed/denied, source hostname, source filtering group, rule type, rule instance, URL and bytes transferred
  • Automated log rolling
  • Monitoring and reporting of Internet usage with W3Thermo
  • Turnkey server option
  • Scalable to support tens of thousands of requests per second through multiple processors, simultaneous requests per process, multiple processes, caching and balance loading across multiple servers.
  • Proxy server included or may work with existing proxies and firewalls
  • Workstation software not required, browser that supports a proxy necessary.

Workstations require only a web browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer that support a proxy server. The W3Control Filter server sits between the user and the Internet monitoring and filtering all web traffic. If a user attempts to access a site or URL that is restricted, W3Control will pass an HTML message back to the user's browser indicating that access has been denied.

The W3Control server supports:

  • up to 16 separate network interfaces
  • multiple processors
  • multiple processes
  • multi-threaded processes
  • balance loading between multiple servers

This robust processing enables the product to scale from several hundred users to tens of thousands of users.

The network interfaces may be configured as "Internal" and "External". An internal interface always listens for proxy requests. When an internal proxy request is received, the request is evaluated against the filtering rules and processed accordingly. External interfaces do not listen for proxy requests but, rather, are typically assigned to interfaces directly connected to the Internet and not the internal network.

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